Team buildings are an important part of the team’s season, it usually happens before the league starts, and it is a great time to work on chemistry and morale. Planning this event is also challenging, and a crucial part of the whole process, you would want to create games and events that will get the team to work together, experience hardships, and learn from them for a bigger cause. If you are having a hard time deciding on what games to put, you can try bringing your entire team to Escape the room in NYC. You will find that this could be the perfect way to bring your team together.  

Escape the Room 

You will be amused by how much your team can learn during the escape the room experience, and they can use their experience to help in their locker room environment, as well as on the court tools. The first thing will learn how to brief each other on the obstacles, and to try to swiftly plan out in their heads how they will get out of a sticky situation. It will be hard to solve a problem without assessing the situation, and a lot of time will be wasted going in blind and just winging the whole obstacle.  

Communication is also key to escaping the room, and it also a key factor to the success of your team on the court. This is also where the rise of your leader will occur; it is good that everyone talks, but there has to be also that main person or people who can control all these voices and turn it into a more progressive outcome. With different minds and eyes out there, some people may see a unique way out, and that’s why they shouldn’t shy away from sharing their ideas.  

There is no every man for himself mindset in this game; it is more of all for one, one for all mindset. You can be assured that all team members will interact and contribute accordingly to win the game for the team. This is where motivation comes into play; the fellow teammates always have to lift the spirits high when things seem down or urge them to join the activities when they feel that some are just standing around. Everything will be better if everyone is part of all the fun, and if each member knows it themselves that they had something to do to escape the room.  

The bonding they will experience will bring them together, there is something about solving an almost impossible task together that binds people together. They will realize that winning wasn’t the most important thing that happened, but how they acted together to solve different obstacles with the use of innovative and creative techniques. It is a mind game that needs the collective mind power of an entire team to win, and if your team can do this, then I’m sure that they can do a lot more by doing it as a single unit.