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Kyle Schmidt
Running Time: 94 minutes


Building A Foundation concentrates on teaching you how to build a solid wakeboarding foundation. Every trick in wakeboarding, no matter how complicated, can be broken down into its most basic parts. Using drills developed at The Wakeboard Camp, we will help you to eliminate variables that can complicate the learning process.

In our many years of coaching wakeboarding, we have found that you will progress much faster if you learn the correct way from the beginning. Skipping steps will make you more likely to create bad habits. Once those bad habits become part of your muscle memory, they are very hard to break.

So check out Building A Foundation and you will be on your way to launching bigger airs, grabs and spins.

What's Covered?

-Edging Drills -Wakeslides
-Heelside jumps -Toeside jumps
-Board control drills -HS FS 180
-HS BS 180 -TS FS 180
-TS BS 180 -Grabs


Split-screen comparisons of:
On the trampoline / On the water
Regular footed / Goofy footed
Rider boat angle / Chase boat angle
and more...

Cutting-edge 3D animations that allow you to see the tricks performed at angles that you couldn't capture with a conventional camera.

Compatible with all DVD regions.

Video Trailer

Sample Chapter

Instructor Bio

Kyle Schmidt is considered by many to be the top Wakeboard Coach in the world. Kyle is Instructional Editor for WakeBoarding Magazine. He is also the head coach at The Wakeboard Camp in Clermont, FL.

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