"When we first created The Book Instructional Series, we set out to change the way a wakeboard instructional was made. We abandoned the old 'crunch everything into one DVD theme' and set out to make the most thorough and detailed multi-disc set ever.

With this new mobile series, we have once again established ourselves as the front-runner in wakeboard instruction. Our vision this time around was not focused on the content of the instruction, but the delivery. Thanks to an increasingly mobile world, our vision is now a reality. Now you can take your iPod or laptop computer out on the boat with you and get immediate instruction just seconds before you ride. This mobile series is going to change everything!"

-Mike McLin
Clermont Media Group
Kyle Schmidt
Running Time: Over 8 hours


“The Book” mobile is brought to you by Clermont Media Group, the wakeboarding industry's leading producer of instructional media. “The Book” mobile was created to help you learn where you need it most, in the boat. We split the original Wakeboard DVD series up into smaller sections so that you can quickly reference skills right before you ride. This enhances the learning process by greatly diminishing the time in between when you see the trick and when you try it.

**This product is a computer friendly DVD disc with video clips on it. The product will be shipped to you. This is NOT a downloadable product.**

What's Covered?

-Getting Started -Building A Foundation
-Base Inverts -Spinning
-Intermediate Inverts -Advanced Inverts


Broken down into over 200 video clips for quicker navigation and more pin-pointed reference.

Compatible with any iPod video, home computer or laptops with a DVD drive.

Color corrected with more vivid color and improved contrast for easier viewing in direct sunlight.

Designed for use while you travel. Learn right before you ride out on the water, or on the road while traveling to your next wakeboarding destination.

Sample Clip

Play this clip on your iPod, or on your computer using iTunes or Quicktime player. This clip is in the exact same format as the clips that come on the Mobile DVD.

TS Front Roll | 2:50 | 17.1mb

Instructor Bio

Kyle Schmidt is considered by many to be the top Wakeboard Coach in the world. Kyle is Instructional Editor for WakeBoarding Magazine. He is also the head coach at The Wakeboard Camp in Clermont, FL.

Replacement Clip

The final video clip in the "Getting Started" section of the Mobile disc has been replaced/updated. The video clip deals with "Types of Edges" and was missing some important information. We have updated the file and you can now download it right HERE. Just download the file, and replace the old Types of Edges file with the new one.

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Video Clip List

Equipment - Boards
Equipment - Fins
Equipment - Bindings
Equipment - Setup
Equipment - Ropes
Equipment - Vests
Equipment - Boats
Boating - Safety
Boating - Driving
Boating - Weighting
Boating - Everything Else
Getting Ready
Getting Up
Riding Positions - The Basics
Riding Positions - Slides
Edging - Heelside/Toeside
Edging - Frontside/Backside
Edging Positions
Types of Edges
Edging Drills - Heelside
Edging Drills - Toeside
Slide Comparison
HS Jump - Edging
HS Jump - Simple Olly
HS Jump - Olly
HS Jump - Inside-Out
HS Jump - One Wake
HS Jump - Two Wakes
HS Jump - Grab
TS Jump - Edging
TS Jump - Olly
TS Jump - Inside-Out
TS Jump - One Wake
TS Jump - Two Wakes
TS Jump - Grab
Board Control Drills Intro
2 Minute Drill (Frontside)
2 Minute Drill (Backside)
4 Minute Drill
FS Re-Entry
BS Re-Entry
HS FS 180 - Surface
HS FS 180 - Olly
HS FS 180 - Inside-Out
HS FS 180 - One Wake
HS FS 180 - Two Wakes
HS FS 180 - Flats
HS FS 180 - Grab
HS BS 180 - Surface
HS BS 180 - Olly
HS BS 180 - Inside-Out
HS BS 180 - One Wake
HS BS 180 - Two Wakes
HS BS 180 - Grab

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